NOCs (undated)

Note: Pin scans available on request


Amerika Samoa round eagle in centre
Antigua-Barbuda flag over rings
Aruba cut-out rings over banner
Azerbaijan square
Bahamas shield
Belize parrot
Bhutan: Flag over cut-out rings; round 
Bosnia Herzegovina round
Burundi crest
Cambodia flag over rings
Congo round with map
Cook Islands vertical rectangle
Eritrea flag
Finland blue flame over rings
France gold vertical oval
Ghana shield
Hong Kong round gold
flag over rings
IOC 116th. Session
Iran (vertical rectangles): Black & gold; green & gold; navy blue & gold; green & gold; sky blue & gold; red & gold 
Italy white vertical oval
Kazakhstan flag over rings
Kiribati: All gold; colored
Kuwait: Round; gold name over rings
Liberia flag
Macedonia round
Madagascar shield
Malawi vertical rectangle
Mali shield
Malta gold star
Moldova flag over cut-out rings
Mongolia cut-out rings
Morocco crown over banner with star & cut-out rings
Mozambique triangle
Niger shield
North Korea flag over rings
Oman swords over cut-out rings
Pakistan round green
Rwanda circle with sun over rings
Samoa rings above crest|
San Tome & Principe round white
Saudi Arabia: Wreath beside gold shield; round gold; round white
Sierre Leone vertical rectangle
Singapore vertical rectangle
Solomon Islands: Vertical rectangle with three athletes; flag over rings
South Africa white shield
Sri Lanka lion over name & colored cut-out rings
Sudan rings over inverted triangle
Suriname round
Swaziland round white
Tajikistan hexagon
Tonga vertical blue oval
Trinidad & Tobago
Tunisia rings over crescent & star
UAE cut-out rings
Venezuela round gold  '1949'
Viet Nam flag over cut-out colored rings

* = Trades in progress

NB: I seldom visit let alone update this page because NOC pins are not my main collecting focus. Consequently, I may not be interested in a 

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