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AOB World Broadcaster Meeting August 2003 
Around the Rings
ATHOC: Master Press Center bar; 11th. Journalists Conference set of 3; Press Operations Briefing: #1 29-30 November 2001; #2 13-14 September 2002; #3 2-4 June 2003
                 11th. Pan-Hellenic Journalists Conference Samothrace Greek          
Atlanta Journal & Constitution: Black; gold
ATV Andorra bronze camera
Baltimore Sun
Great Britain vertical rectangle camera
CBC Canada: Horizontal rectangles: Pewter; blue & white
Channel 7 Australia Guest ship
Colorado Springs Gazette beige
Cosmote: DTG: 600; 20; 10; vertical rectangle English
CTS China mascots vertical rectangle
Dallas Morning News
Denver Post
Des Moines Register
Mascots on globe; camera; Olympic trophy: Greece-Egypt; Greece-Morocco 
ESPN flame over column vertical rectangle
Fuji TV
Japan turquoise volcano
Global National horizontal rectangle 'Inside Athens the 2004 Games'
Globo TV
Hearst-Argyle Television
HRTV Croatia vertical rectangle
International Media ancient Greeks in temple
JOGR Japan Radio
Kabuki Japan round
Kyodo News Japan red
L'Equipe cameraman
LA Times
Manichi Shimbun
Affiliates: Several different affiliate stations with 'temple'  (I need to see images please); NBC Owned Stations 'Destination Athens June 7-10, 2003'; 2 YTG
                       Guest round pin on pin; NBC Owned Stations set of 4 (two large & two small temples)
NCB Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Japan
Nikkei Tokyo Japan
Newsweek: Rectangles discus thrower:
Blue; dark blue; silver; gold; black 
Nippon TV Japan
Nishinippon Japan
Reuters column
Russian Press 
Sankei Press
Sports Illustrated white vertical rectangle with wreath
TV Asahi Japan mascot
TV Azteca: Several different pins (I need to see images please)
TV Tokyo 40TV Japan Pikachu
TVN Chile

* = Trades in progress            

PS: The above is a partial listing of some Athens 2004 pins I am missing. However, please note that when you read this, I may have stopped collecting some/all Athens 2004
       pins and have shifted my focus to future Olympics. Consequently, I may not be interested in a trade but please get in touch regardless.

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