NOCs (undated)

Note: Pin scans available on request


Andorra shield
flag over rings
Belarus: White shield; flag over cut-out rings
Belgium Olympic Team (undated)

Canada: Old logo maple leaf oval cloisonne; For The Fire Within; Winnipeg '99
New logo red maple leaf red cut-out logo/rings large: Red flame
               New logo red maple leaf red cut-out logo/rings small: Pewter; all red maple leaf; gold flame

Chile small shield under cut-out rings
China flag: Domed; cut-out rings
Czech Republic small flag
Finland: (
flag over cut-out rings): Light blue cross; dark blue cross
Great Britain: Oval white domed; Team GB white: Round; small shield 
Guatemala round
Iceland volcano
Indonesia round red/white 
IOC Solidarity set of 3

Ireland (Cut-out shamrock and rings):
Old; new

Square; flag on white horizontal rectangle
silver oval
'99/Andorra shield;
Round LOSV: Grey; white
small shield over cut-out rings
Nauru white rectangle
Netherlands Antilles
small shield
Norway: Cut-out rings below bar; Ovals: Large; small
Peru shield
Philippines round white
Portugal cut-out design

Puerto Rico
two flags
San Marino flag
Saudi Arabia: Crossed swords & palm tree; gold rectangle cut-out rings 
Set of 2 colored gold & silver background; all silver
South Africa
flag over cut-out rings

small shield under cut-out rings
Switzerland Swiss Olympic small horizontal rectangle
Syria flag

Thailand (Small elephant colored cut-out rings): Thin; thick
Turkey round gold 1908 with flag
USA cut-out over rings
Zaire silver hand holding torch

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