Line up to enter the Lancia Ice Hotel


Marquee & entrance


Lancia Ice Hotel marquee


Al & Fred beside reindeer skin door to Lancia Ice Hotel


Preparing to enter the igloo


It getting the doors and let us into that igloo!'s cold in here! Eskimos live in igloos?!!!


Cappuccino in the rocks!


Skoal from the bartender




Close the igloo's doors!


Reindeer skin doors!


Everything is ice!


Father & son in the igloo!


Huddling to keep warm on ice!


Fred looking smug on ice


Fred is well insulated


Ice glasses


It's all on ice!


Only place to sit - on ice!


Lancia Bar ice wall


Look hands!


Makes Canadian winters seem mild!


Fred looking like an Eskimo!


One ear exposed!


Refills please!


Ice table!


Tables, glasses and menu are all ice!


You're warm, Fred. Sorridi (smile or say cheese)!


Traders Wants Al's Pals About Al Spotlight Home