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About Al

Al Falcao has been a collector of various items since childhood. He began collecting stamps of the world and later specialized in First Day Covers of the US,
UN and Canada. Al stopped collecting FDC's in 1997 while maintaining his focus on Olympic pins.

With his encouragement, Al's kids Faye and Fred, started collecting car license plates. Our collection includes a license plate for every state in the US,
and, province and territory in Canada. We also completed a collection of baseball caps with every team in Major League Baseball covered.

Another one of Al's hobbies is music. He plays the piano and organ and loves to play for anyone's listening pleasure. Al played the piano on radio and TV
in his youth and has entertained audiences around the world. Today, as a volunteer, he conducts sing alongs at a few senior retirement residences in Markham. 

Al was at the Montreal Olympics in 1976. However, he was unaware of the existence of pins and cannot recall any pin trading activity at the Games! He
caught the Olympic pin bug in mid-1988 following the Calgary Olympics. Al has been at every Olympics from 1992 - 2012 and is busy trading pins with
collectors around the world daily on the Web. He was invited to be a guest speaker at the 2000 Canadian Olympic Association (COA) Annual meeting of
Sponsors & Licensees and made a multi-media 'Pins 101' presentation.  

World-wide TV, radio and print media has interviewed Al at every Olympics he's attended.
A few days prior to the Sydney 2000 Summer Olympics,  he did
radio interviews on 'Ontario Today', and, 'Metro Morning' hosted by Andy Barrie live on CBC 99.1 FM in Toronto.

From  Sydney, Al was interviewed by NBC's 'Today Show', Australia's ABC Channel 7, BBC TV & Radio, CBC's 'Sydney Today' & 'NewsWorld' among
several other world-wide Olympic TV & Radio networks. He was also interviewed by
TIME magazine on October 2, 2000 in 'Olympic Scene'. 

Al attended the '6 Months to Go' pin show at Salt Lake City's Salt Palace Convention Center in July 2001. He was privileged to meet and trade pins with
Ross C. 'Rocky' Anderson,
Mayor of Salt Lake City. The Mayor presented Al with a pin that was a symbolic 'key' to the City of Salt Lake. And, just prior
to the Salt Lake 2002 Winter Olympics, Al was featured in a full page article in Toronto's
Sunday Sun entitled "He's king of the pinheads...Markham's
Al Falcao is a gold medalist in Olympic sport of collecting"

Al appeared on NBC Affiliate WGRZ -TV2, Buffalo, NY in an Athens 2004 Summer Olympics feature clip on Sports News anchored by Adam Benigni.
While in Athens during the Olympics, Al met numerous prominent Greek personalities including Dora Bakogianni,
Mayor of Athens.  

Just prior to the Torino 2006 Winter Olympics, Al was headlined as 'Pin kingpin'...a full page story  in the Toronto Sunday Sun. In Torino, he traded pins
at the Coca-Cola Pin Trading Centre where he was accredited as a  'pin expert'. And, Eurovision Sports News a division of EBU (European Broadcasting Union)
did an extensive interview with Al with a special focus on him trading  pins for smiles with kids.  Check out his interview here

In 2007, Al introduced pin collecting and trading to the kids at Camp Oochigeas and enlisted the support of several major Olympic sponsors to
donate thousands of Olympic pins to a very worthwhile cause.

Al was at the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics and is featured in 'Chasing the Dream' in
The Costco Connection. His friends at Magic Graphic, Beijing Office,
opened up a blog for him in Mandarin on
http://blog.sina.com.cn/alspins and included a Preface authored by Al in their Olympic Products Handbook.
Al was also featured in Canada's largest Chinese daily newspaper
Ming Pao and his pin pursuits appear in BeijingToday.

For the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, Al was the first pin collector to be featured on the Official VANOC website and was also featured in the CTV
'Believe' promo ad campaign
http://alspins.com/ctv.mov . Al met with my son Cole's senior kindergarten class at St. Patrick school and gave the kids a
brief presentation on the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. Each kid received pin gifts and in a lucky draw, one of the kids received a Wonder+ Vancouver 2010
mascot set of five different Olympic pins http://alspins.com/torch.htm.

Prior to the London 2012 Summer Olympics, 
Al was interviewed by the Markham Economist & Sun
http://alspins.com/Markham%20Economist%20&%20Sun%2006-28-12.htm. And, while in London, he was interviewed by CBS and Eurovision 

Logistical issues caused Al to make a last minute decision to pass on his Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics visit...
http://www.yorkregion.com/news-story/4345432-dedicated-olympic-pin-collector-passes-on-sochi/  And, he also passed on his Rio 2016 visit http://alspins.com/MES07_28_14.html

Al has kept busy reminiscing about his past Olympic experiences. In 2016, he made a presentation to the seniors at Chartwell Retirement Residence Rouge Valley
and in 2017, to my son Chad's Grade 3 class at St. Patrick school in Markham with all attendees receiving an assortment of Olympic pin gifts https://twitter.com/MrsStangKim3s/status/879357425362640896

And in early 2018, Al was able to get his friends at Teck to generously donate a bunch of their 2018 Pyeong Chang Winter Olympics pins for my sons hockey team
Markham Waxers Minor Atom Select 2017-2018 - Pin donation by Teck

Al's collection of 35,000 different Olympic pins is displayed in several large glass encased frames hung on paneled walls in the basement of his home.

...Faye Cameron (nee Falcao)


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