Atlanta 1996       

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torch & peach
AMJ Campbell  Canada
Athens Site of Olympic Soccer round bronze
Athletics rectangle/Look of the Games
AT & T: Mexico; cut-out logo on white base; diamond over XXVI Olympiad; 1 Year and Counting; Global Olympic Village; vertical white rectangle; diving
                Runners on black triangle; Canada Generic
Australia NOC
Austria Atlanta team
Avon circle
Bausch & Lomb: LE Olympic Sensory Performance Izzy/eye chart; Sports Optics: Set of 2; white
                               LE Olympic Vision Center: Boxed set of 4 (#4 of 250); black; blue; purple; LE  Sunglass Police            
                               Basketball; white narrow rectangle; Canada French
Basketball:  Rectangle with Look of the Games; player beside green rectangle/logo
Bell South: Izzy on telephone pole; reclining Izzy small version; USA flag
inverted triangle
Pony Express
British Consulate General Atlanta
Brunswick green & white set of 2
Bryan: Peach; hot dog
Budweiser: Stars; blimp over globe; World Party
Canada Olympic Team red/gold rectangle
Centennial Olympic Games stars/banner/map/cut-out flame
CH2M Hill
Champion Canada
Chrysler Canada
Coca-Cola: Australia triangle; balls; bottle column with rings/laurels; ‘Celebrating 100 Years of Excellence’ flag; colored bottles in oval over cut-out rings
                     Display Contest bronze; epees; equestrian black; Georgia state shape; gold domed oval; gold medal large; hurdler; Olympic City 'For the Fans'; Opening Ceremonies    
                     Rectangle over small circle; podium; rectangle with black quilt; runner on flame; Security; sunburst Coke bottle; Supporting the Olympic Games since 1928
                     Square with Coca-Cola in red/purple/blue; Team Coca-Cola round; vending machine colored logo; vertical rectangle jagged edges with black quilt
                     Glass with straw over USA/rings 
                     Always Coca-Cola: Purple; Always Coca-Cola circle beside vertical white rectangle; circle over yellow banner; Pins 
                     Bottle with logo: Raised bottle; side by side;
all silver bottle & rectangle
                    Chinese: Dragon; panda
Coca-Cola Pin of the Day: Set of 17; 1; 6; 7; 8; 9; Pin of the Day long narrow horizontal rectangle 
Coca-Cola Pin of the Night
: Set of 17; 5 
                    DTG: 1000; 300; 100
Folk Art: Atlanta; Media flat; Media domed
Tokyo Sept. 1990: Wide text; narrow text
                    Torch Relay: ( Runner): Relay route giveaway; passing the flame colored quilt; torch bearer with large torch
                    Triangle quilts: Gold; purple               
                    Countdown: Years: 2; 1
                    Days: 1000 flag; 900  map; 900 round; 800 banner; 800 cut-out; 700 map; 500 white large flame; 400 round; 400 cut-out; 300 cut-out; 200 cut-out; 100 cut-out white/gold
Cycling beside green rectangle/torchmark
Dare to Dream banner below globe
Dial vertical rectangle
Diver woman beside vertical green rectangle
Earth Grains
over arch
Equitorial Guinea

Fuji Official Film Track & Field
General Mills 'G' beside domed arch
GBI round
Georgia Power: Media; triangle thru rectangle; black & white pentagon; power outlets; triangle thru Look of the Games/gold banner; cherry picker; Days: 200; 100 

Georgia peach over diamond
Hanes: Best Wishes Tour; Red/green narrow rectangle; gold rectangle; T-shirts: White; blue; red USA rings
Holidays 1995 Thanksgiving 239 DTG gourd
Holiday Inn: Domed arch; Vertical Rectangles: Domed; cloisonne
Home Depot: Oval black/gold; torchmark rectangle
International Paper: Medal; trees
IBM: Composite logos vertical white rectangle; gymnastics; running; diving; Cauldron flames: Orange; yellow; USA Team Sponsor: Large; small; IOC/logos
Italy US & Italy flags
Izzy torch/spectacle
Jamaica NOC
John Hancock: Blue vertical rectangle; See you in Atlanta round; round gold

Kodak: Set of 10 Host Cities; Black column; LE Guest Wave 2; cut out logo & rings; hologram; athlete icon on horizontal rectangle; badminton; table tennis
Korea NOC white squares
Latvia Atlanta team
LEP Canada
Lexmark LE basketball
Look of the Games horizontal rectangle
Malaysia NOC
McDonalds burger combo
Minute Maid: Vertical rectangle; large circle over oranges; small orange
Miracle Ear US flag
Merrill Lynch: Set of 8; LE Special Guest stock certificate;
Bull with US flag: Blue; black
Modern Olympic Games 100 Years large round
Motorola: Reach your Dreams athlete; radio; torch
Mr. Turkey
Nations Bank: Athlete; white arch; square; gold/branch; USA Tour
Nissan: Wreath; HMMO USA round
Norway  Olympia Toppen shield
Olympic Stadium above Look of the Games green/gold/white
Opening Ceremonies shield & laurel
OTTO Xerox/AT &T
Panasonic Canada
Papua New Guinea
Pin Society
with ribbon
Plane through cut-out gold logo
Powerade vertical rectangle
Quilt on green rectangle with torch
Randstad: Set of 2 silver & gold; red banner/white background
Ray-Ban: LE cut-out Izzy wearing glasses over logo; LE cut-out Izzy carrying torch in red circle; LE UV Index; LE Look of the Games
                 Sunglasses: Orbs; Predator; Killer Loop; Classic Metal; Xrays; Wayfarer; Generic
Rochester : Bausch & Lomb square; Bausch & Lomb & Xerox square; square jagged top; Bausch & Lomb/Kodak: 1996 Square; 1995 arch; rectangle
Royal Bank Canada
Rudy's Farm
Russia Reebok sponsor
Russian House
Sara Lee: Deli Meats; pig
Scientific Atlanta:
Press; gold globe/banner; Look of the Games rectangle
Seals (over Georgia map): White; gold
Sensormatic: Triangle; rectangle; circle 
Super Show
Swatch (arches): Large; small

Tag Express
Tajikistan NOC
Technics: Gold/green rectangle; cut-out rings/flag
Texaco vertical white rectangle
Textron: E-Z-Go; Rectangles: green; gold
The Olympic Force vertical white rectangle
TOP gold
Torchmark: Cut-out/white pedestal; horizontal green; gold triangle; Vertical rectangles: Gold; white/green; white/gold; black; green Atlanta; gold Atlanta; old logo
Transportation with city scene
UPS Pin Club
USA map cut-out

VISA: White; blue
Gold cut-out flame; LE Guest Wave 4; 100 Golden Olympians; ‘X’ gold cut-out; Kick Off `95
Wheel of Fortune 
York: Vertical Games rectangle/horizontal banner; circle/banner; rectangle/banner cut-out rings; Canada


AOB: Gold; blue
BBC vertical rectangle
Broadcaster Welcome Party Izzy
CNN circle cut-out

CCTV  red/white
CBC/SRC: Set of 8; CBC Sports colored; CBC Radio colored; SRC Sports colored; CBC-SRC colored
Coca-Cola Radio
Cox  gold/colored circle
Czech TV

vertical blue rectangle
Southern Living: Square; cut-out rings
Sports Illustrated: LE Guest; President’s pin; Publisher's pin flame black; green cut-out torch; gymnast; javelin; swimmer; soccer; square cut-out rings
TIME magazine
TS Hungarian Television
Turner Sports basketball
USA Today diving
WXIA - TV 11
Izzy/Press; Media Monster

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