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Here are some pin sites you may want to check out...

Karl-David Andersson http://www.karl-david.com
Dirk De Vos www.mytradingpins.be
Gabriele Dienstiele  http://www.pinjeck.de/
Sam Evans http://www.athenspins.com 
Gisela Ferreira & Hugo Gomes http://pinscollection.no.sapo.pt/index.htm
Joerg Gardey www.radarthepinguy.com
Yvonne Kretzmann http://www.yvonnes-pin-page.de.vu/
Michael Larsen http://www.hullgren.com/index.htm
Marco Maiani http://www.pinseurope.com
Paul McGill http://www.londonpins.co.uk
Dr. Michael J. Miller  http://mypins.com/
Harry Pfeiffer http://www.juni54.de/
René Schkade http://www.lukas2804.de/Die_Seiten_fux.html
Christian Settele http://www.beepworld.de/members51/pinchris/
Klaus Westermann http://www.westermannklaus.de/

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